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Strawberry & Vanilla Cake

October 7, 2010

Oh my god. This is a veeery simple recipe (since I used a box mix, and canned icing) but it’s still super yummy. The cake came out super moist, and the strawberries add sweetness to the vanilla cake.

Here’s what you need. Cake mix (Betty Crocker Super Moist is now my favorite), icing, oil, water, eggs, and fresh strawberries.

I skipped the whole making the cake part, as the box mix explains it rather well.

Slice Strawberries and add them into the cake batter. The box says to use an electric mixer to make the batter, but I don’t have one, so a whisk was used. I would suggest gently folding in the strawberries into the batter. A mixer would pulverize the berries. Which could be good, too….

Bake the cake as directed by the box! As I’m broke I don’t actually own round cake pans. So I used two separate square pans. One of which happened to be 8×8 while the other was 9×9 resulting in…

Uneven layers! Lots of fun. I trimmed the extra inch off of the “larger” layer, which happened to be thinner as I’m (obviously) horrible at splitting batter. Due to how moist the cake was (and the strawberries) even though I greased the pan down really well, a chunk ended up missing from the top layer. And due to how moist it was I was unable to remove the two layers to ice between them… oh well. It still came out looking pretty, if I do say so myself!

Lack of cake-platter meant me using a cookie sheet to hold the cake…eventually I’ll have decent bakeware!

So, yes, a super-delicious and easy to make cake. It has earn the husband’s seal of approval (he demanded seconds) so it’ll be made again in the future, I don’t doubt.

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  1. November 9, 2010 1:33 am

    Looks uber yummy!

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